Comicon Challange 2011-SuperGirl

My entry for the 2011 Comicon Challenge. This really did turn out to be a challenge. I was working with very limited computer resources, my computer at the time hadn’t been updated in over 5 years and had work in multiple broken up zbrush files for details as well as to send off all my OBJ’s files to a friend to bake out my normal’s and AO maps.  Despite starting late and overtime at work, I did complete it, which was my main goal, though there is some rush in the texture, topologies and over all presentation in the end product. Still I felt the limitations helped me learn a lot and I do plan on entering again this year, with hopefully more time and a far superior computer.  

WIP Super Women
From Old to new, work in progress of Super Women for Comicon Challange 2011